Why LBD?

Our vision with this magazine is to help you create your Life By Design for yourself. Being an entrepreneur is a rewarding journey, but not at all an easy road to travel. A lot of us are doing it on our own, with nonsupporting families and friends.

We are here to be your family. We want to give you the skills and the motivation to make all of your dreams come true. This magazine is designed to both inspire and give you tangible takeaways you can implement in your businesses!

Life By Design Magazine is San Diego’s only print entrepreneurship magazine written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We have entrepreneurs submit stories of hurdles they have overcome and tips accrued from whichever business they are building. It is a guide for the everyday entrepreneur as a way to connect the community of dream builders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

You never know how the struggles you are overcoming and victories or failings you’ve had may be able to positively impact someone’s journey. If you have a story to share, please click on the tab – Write For LBD – and get your article published!

You can read our articles for FREE at LBDMagazine.com or click on the “Online Articles” Tab.