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This is our first podcast of Stegela Success Mastery’s Success Talks. Stephen is very nervous but gives great insight on what keeps entrepreneurs from massive success. He goes in detail into the biggest 4 factors that keep entrepreneurs from success. The acronym he uses is TEAM, listen in to find out what that stands for!

 Notes from this episode:

  • Stephen is an entrepreneur, investor, and coach.
  • Stephens hope is to give value with this podcast.
  • Stephen is married to Angela, they live in San Diego, Cali.
  • Stegela Success Mastery is made up of different coaches.
  • What keeps entrepreneurs from reaching massive success?
  • Stephen is writing a book. The traditional system does not work anymore.
  • Not every entrepreneur makes massive money.
  • The numbers determine the success of a business.
  • There are 4 keys that keep people from being massively successful
  • TEAM:
    • T- Time Management
      • If you don’t have massive success, how are you doing with your time. Everyone has the exact same amount of time. What are you doing with your time?
      • 168 hours in a week:
        • 56 hours sleeping
        • 40 hours working
        • 42 hours eating/commuting/etc
        • 30 hours to PURSUE your dreams
      • If you “need” time to relax, you don’t deserve to be an entrepreneur.
      • Sell the television. 
      • Position yourself to win.
    • E- Excellence
      • Lack of excellence. 
      • Definiton: the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.
      • Excellences also comes down to how you look.
      • Act like the person you’re about to meet is the President or the Pope.
      • If you want to be a person of success, you have to be a person of excellence.
      • Walmart vs Nordstrom ; Motel 6 vs Ritz Carleton
      • How can I improve?
      • Be prepared for success.
    • A- Accountability 
      • Setting goals and having someone to hold you accountable
      • An accountability partner helps you stay on track.
      • Accountability is coaching works.
      • They’ll give you input from the outside.
      • Find a coach, a mentor, or just a friend.
      • You have to be able to be submissive to someone else to become successful.
      • Accountability is daily.
    • M- Money Management
      • When you lack money management you lack life management.
      • If you don’t tell your money where to go, it’ll leave you.
      • Budget
      • There are tons of budgeting softwares available out there.
  • Next Episode will be Casey talking about time management.