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ST64: Stephen Interviews Eric Westreich



My passion is solving world problems by helping government, industry, and academia deliver technology faster as a TV host, business consultant, and software developer. I help connect communities, help businesses scale, and help traditional organizations integrate revolutionary technology and innovation.


Proven success in marketing, business development and sales. 13 years of experience in developing and implementing strategy at a national level for a world leading technology company. Comprehensive experience in understanding defense programs, and introducing revolutionary technology in the context of traditional acquisition. Strong leader who pioneered and delivered technical solutions which have become mainstays in military operations. Award winning military and academic background.

ST63 : Stephen Interviews Brad and Greta Zude


Brad and Greta Zude are the creators of mybabycansleep.com where they teach new families how to get their newborns to sleep through the night!


ST62 : Stephen Interviews Nathan Resnick

ST62 : Stephen Interviews Nathan Resnick


Nathan Resnick is the CEO of Sourcify, a platform that makes manufacturing easy. In the past, Nathan has brought dozens of products to market, ran three ecommerce companies (sold one), and been a part of projects on Kickstarter raising over seven figures. He writes for media outlets like Entrepreneur, The Next Web, Business.com, and more. Nathan also used to live in China and speaks Mandarin.