Our History

San Diego’s #1 success coaching and mastermind program (-Entrepreneur) started in the living room of our founding members. After your head coach Stephen Dela Cruz suffered a stroke at the age of 28, he decided it was time to make a change.

Up to that point, Stephen lived his life for business; he built multiple seven-figure corporations and lived a high-stress life. But on that day, Stephen realized that if he had died at that moment, all that would be left would be money.
This was when Stephen dedicated his life to giving his knowledge of business to entrepreneurs just like you. After all, you are one of the extraordinary people in this world that want to make a difference, and build a legacy beyond money. Stegela Success Mastery was formed for you, for the hungry entrepreneur that wants to cut through the B.S. and find your way to a fulfilled, successful, and flourishing life.
When Stegela Success mastery started, it was a group of twelve people that Stephen started by simply reading one book, Think and Grow Rich. As time passed, these twelve developed a family atmosphere, each meeting started with potluck style food and ended with the powerful affirmations Stephen and his wife Angela said every morning when they were building their first business.

From the very first meeting, Stephen and Angela have committed to giving all the knowledge they can to each entrepreneur that enters our family. As the family has grown, we hold true to the core values that were formed in that living room, keeping our commitment to helping you live a fulfilled successful and flourishing life.
Now we are looking to the future, building businesses, building visionaries, and building leaders to help change the way entrepreneurship is looked at! If you would like to be a part of the family, and experience everything Stegela has to offer, click the button below!

“The first day of becoming a stegela member everything shifted, from the very beginning Stegela Success Mastery changed my life.”

Dominic Cruz
Dominic CruzSuccess Circle Member

“The support of Stegela Success Mastery has helped me get through so much! Not only in my life but in my business as well, without Stegela Success Mastery I would not have the thriving business I do today.”

Jennifer Meim
Jennifer MeimSuccess Circle Member

“Through listening to Stephen Dela Cruz, I created passive income within three weeks of joining the program, and was able to help others find work to support their families.”

Brian Wilson
Brian WilsonSuccess Circle Member

“Prior to joining Stegela, I didn’t have any clarity. I was all over the place with too many business ideas and no guidance. After enrolling into Stegela, and taking action on the mentorship received, I was able to turn launch businesses that became passive in the first month. Ultimately, within my first year of committing to mentorship, i made over 700% Return on my Stegela investment.”

Jeff Rollon
Jeff Rollon Success Circle Member