Stegela Culture

Stephen’s Philipino culture and church background are the foundational elements of Stegela. If you know anything about the Philipino culture, then you know that a strong family dynamic is absolutely essential to them. At Stegela, we work together, we eat together, and we do life together! We are family and support each other in life and business.

Serving others is the defining attribute of Stephen, his team, and the members of the Success Circle. The Dead Sea is lifeless because it only intakes water and has no outflow which leaves the salt behind. If you only take from others without giving in return, then you become like the Dead Sea. That is why Stegela SERVES their way to SUCCESS!

We have life groups, known as Tribes, which form deeper interpersonal relationships within Success Circle. Business and life are not meant to be separated, but to be harmoniously united. That is why Stegela promotes personal and emotional support through small groups.

Stegela is one big family that serves and supports each other to foster the proper environment for everyone to become Fulfilled, Successful, and Flourishing!