Our Core Values

Core Value #1

Servant Leadership

    At Stegela Success Mastery, you will learn the pillars of servant leadership. A leader is someone that looks after your tribe, someone that puts what is best for your tribe, before what is best for them. Every leader in Stegela Success Mastery has started by serving all of the members and continues to create an environment of serving for you. Your leaders will be there for you throughout the day and will help you build your leadership skills. We believe your business needs a strong leader, and that leader is you! To find out more about our leadership development, contact us today!

Core Value #2


    At Stegela Success Mastery, an environment of abundance fills the air. Generosity helps create a bigger impact in the world. Your community depends on people like you to help those that need it. This is the entire idea of mentorship, through sharing Stephen’s knowledge he gives to those in his community. Stegela Success Mastery likes to foster an environment where you can ask for help, and where you will be invited to give back to the community. Stegela Success mastery supports the Young Entrepreneur Society giving back to high schools all over San Diego County. To get more involved in Stegela Volunteer programs, or to help with the Young Entrepreneur Society, email us today!

Core Value #3


You can not conquer what you can not confront. This statement is where Stegela Success Mastery finds the importance of vulnerability. Through sharing your difficult times, the leaders can help you conquer the belief systems holding you back. Coupled with the value of vulnerability is confidentiality, this is why every Stegela Success Mastery member signs a non-disclosure agreement in their contract. This is to make sure you and your tribe members feel comfortable opening up and healing. Every successful business starts with a strong foundation, and that foundation is built upon your beliefs. To reach out and learn how vulnerability can improve your chances for success hit the contact button today!

Core Value #4


How you do one thing is how you do everything. To keep integrity strong, every leader is continuously going through training. To keep the integrity high, Stegela Success Mastery promotes an environment of openness and honesty. This holds the leadership and staff accountable and means you always have the power to speak.  Your mind. Your word is your bond in Stegela, which is why we support contracts and open communication. This is to help hold everyone accountable in your new group! To learn more about what integrity means to Stegela, contact us today!

Core Value #5


If you are not growing, you are dying. When you join Stegela Success Mastery, you will be encouraged to continually read, research, and get out of your comfort zone. To have a life filled with prosperity means your life will be fulfilling, you will find yourself thriving, and you will gain the success you desire. This is what prosperity means to Stegela Success Mastery, and our programs are laid out to help you find a life that misfiled with prosperity!

Core Value #6


Being a part of Stegela Success Mastery, you will be encouraged every day to take action. With your action coach, your new tribe, and the support of the Stegela Success mastery family, we aim to help you make massive action in your life. These small daily ac tons build up your habits, and the habits you build will help you form your success. By taking action, you will start to see changes in your life right away!