Our Core Values

Core Value #1

We believe in an amazing and loving God, and He is the center of everything we do. We believe in Him as our higher power that gives us strength and the ability to be successful in all areas of life. In all of our meetings, we begin and end with prayer. This is a way for us to center our minds and focus our hearts on receiving amazing breakthroughs. We understand that everyone comes from different walks of life, and we will not force religion on anyone. We ask that during prayer, you find your own higher power for focusing your mind, heart, and soul for breakthrough and success.

Core Value #2

We cultivate a culture of openness, vulnerability, and confidentiality. We believe in being RAW and REAL with each other. When we are able to open up with one another, we can really be open to receive. No one is being judged, criticized, or hated on. We have an atmosphere of pure love, support, and encouragement for anyone to be comfortable and open. We require every person enrolled in our programs to sign a nondisclosure agreement (so legally, no one may share any confidential information outside of our groups).

Core Value #3

We focus on success, growth, and prosperity. We believe that if you are not growing, you are dying. We are continually learning, reading, researching, and are always open for more! Not only are we invested in our growth but also in the growth of those along side us!

Core Value #4

We practice what we preach and only produce results- not excuses! We believe in finding a way, rather than accepting that there is no way. We have an “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” mindset and nothing less!

Core Value #5

In all our gatherings, we create a positive and uplifting atmosphere. No one is judged or belittled. This is a community of growth and helping each other! If one person is in pain, we are responsible for lifting them up!