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Meet Stephen Dela Cruz

Stegela CEO / Co-Founder

Meet Our Stegela Team

Each team member has been hand selected by Stephen and Angela to officially coach their clients. The members of this team have been coached and mentored directly by Stephen and Angela and they carry the same DNA and coaching style.

Our team consist of various coaches, as well as outside professional resources such as CPA’s, psychologists, lawyers, graphic designers, marketers, publicists, and other business and life coaches.

Each one of our team members are ready to assist our clients to achieve all they have set before them!

Stephen Dela Cruz

CEO | Co-Founder

Decision = Incision

Stephen, the co-founder of Stegela, started his first company at 18 years old. Stephen Dela Cruz is a national best selling author, speaker and serial entrepreneur who specializes in helping budding entrepreneurs double their income in their first year. As a college student, Stephen’s first entrepreneurial venture was a photography business that he built to multiple six figures in under a year. Soon, he went on to launch several other successful companies, each of which reached over a million dollars in revenue. When he was 28 years old, Stephen had a stroke. His stressful lifestyle finally caught up with him. He realized he wanted to leave his family with more than just money, and he committed to building a legacy. Today, Stephen is passionate about paying his knowledge forward to those just starting out.

Persistance Is The Key To Success!

Angela, the co-founder of Stegela, is the wife of Stephen Dela Cruz and an extremely influential woman.

She oversees a lot of the details in all of their corporations and she is always working to grow their empire. Angela, an ordained minister, has a passion to inspire women to become confident, courageous, and compassionate entrepreneurs.

Angela is an extremely ambitious woman who hustles daily on all of her business ventures. Her favorite thing to do is encourage people to become successful. She pours her energy into building up people around the world, she supports many non-profits that help 3rd world countries, like India, to become prosperous. She is a powerful public speaker. She is changing and shaping the world!

Angela Dela Cruz


Casey Nicole Fox

Director of Ops | Coach

Go Big Or Go Home

Casey is a partner in all of Stegela’s corporations and she is the “Bulldog”, the one who you have to answer to if you messed up, our “Vice Principle”.

Casey is a successful young entrepreneur. She also owns multiple businesses, is starting a non-profit, and starting a career in the Real Estate industry. All of her businesses are for-purpose and she really emphasizes the need to give back as an entrepreneur. She is a writer and a podcaster. She started her entrepreneurial journey only 4 years ago, having to radically change her mindset from employee (having 4 jobs) to entrepreneur (having 4 companies). Casey’s goal is to become a millionaire by the age of 25, like her mentors. She is a strong young woman who strives to help others see the value in themselves.

Never Give Away Your Next Move

Jeff Rollon is a real estate professional, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He enjoys helping others while living with a positive attitude and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
Two months before completing his service commitment in the Navy, in which he enlisted at the age of 19 years old, Jeff began to invest in real estate in April 2013. He launched his first real estate company Solid Pursuits, Inc. in January 2014 and later that year, he launched his first housing development project for three units. Jeff’s lifetime mission is to touch and inspire 1 billion people to live fulfilled and successful lives, by sharing his experiences of ups, downs, struggles, successes, and failures via his speaking engagements and Inspired2Hustle Podcast. Jeff Rollon is not just creating success for himself, he is creating success for others.

Jeff Rollon

Stegela Coach

Stegela History

Fulfilled | Flourishing | Successful

Stephen and Angela own multiple businesses and have grown their companies at a rapid pace! When their peers saw all that they were doing and all that they had accomplished, it was very common for their peers to ask for advice, mentorship, and one-on-one coaching. Over the last few years, fellow business professionals would seek weekly meetings with Stephen and Angela for guidance, and they witnessed something amazing… Every one of the businesses they helped by giving advice, coaching, or mentorship, all grew exponentially! The businesses they helped start, launch, or consulted on grew and were massively profitable!

Early this year, a handful of friends asked Stephen for advice, mentorship, and book recommendations. Stephen decided to start a book club since many of the things he had learned about business came from reading. That book club soon became Q and A sessions, then added lectures and accountability; everyone a part of this group saw tremendous value in being a part of a group like this. This was the birth of Stegela Success Mastery!

Stegela Core Values

Core Value #1

We believe in an amazing and loving God that is the center of everything we do. We believe in Him as our higher power that gives us strength and the ability to be successful in all areas of life. In all our meetings, we begin and end with prayer. This is a way for us to center our minds and focus our hearts to receive amazing breakthroughs. We understand that everyone comes from different walks of life and we will not force religion on anyone but we ask that during prayer, you find your own higher power for focusing your mind, heart, and soul for breakthrough and success.

Core Value #2

We cultivate a culture of openness, vulnerability, and confidentiality. We believe in being RAW and REAL with each other. When we are able to open up with one another, we can really be open to receive. No one is being judged, criticized, or hated on. We have an atmosphere of pure love, support, and encouragement for anyone to be comfortable and open. We require every person enrolled in our programs to sign a nondisclosure agreement (so legally, no one may share any confidential information outside of our groups).

Core Value #3

We focus on success, growth, and prosperity. We believe that if you are not growing, you are dying. Constantly learning, reading, researching, and always open for more! Not only are we interested in our own growth but in helping others grow along side us!

Core Value #4

We practice what we preach and only produce results- not excuses! We believe in finding a way, rather than accepting that there is no way. We have a “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” mindset, and nothing less!

Core Value #5

In all our gatherings, we create a positive and uplifting atmosphere. No one is judged or belittled. This is a community of growth and helping each other out! If one person is in pain, we have a mandate to lift them up!

Stegela Coaching

Stegela Coaching

We have a very unique way of conducting our gatherings. It starts with a few topic discussions in a seminar/workshop format, presenting relevant information which will elevate each persons life personally and professionally.

To carry out the things learned, we set up accountability partners for followup and to make sure goals are being hit. This form of coaching helps develop every person to be a coach to other people.

This coaching program goes beyond the surface but digs deep into the core being of the individual. Lasting impact will be made to elevate your personal and professional life!

Stegela Accountability

We believe in accountability through a loving community. Each person enrolled in any of our programs will be assigned an accountability partner. This will be done through daily check-ins to make sure progress is being accomplished. This helps assure that each individuals goals are being met and have someone to confide in with throughout the growing process.

Aside from being assigned an accountability partner, each delegate will also be holding someone else accountable. This follows the model of being a servant-leader. This gives everyone the opportunity to see their own life increase but to also play a major role in the victories of someone else and walk with them in their struggles.

In all our programs, this is a major key factor in Stegela Success Mastery.

Stegela Keynotes

Speakers For Every Topic

Stephen, Angela, and our other coaches are available for keynote speaking at any school, event, conference, seminar, workshop, or any size large or small meeting.

Goal Setting
Vision Casting
Finanical Budgeting
Business Planning
Sales Techniques

For more information about having one or more of our coaches come and speak to your group/event, please fill out the inquire form below.

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Young Entrepreneur Society

YES!, Young Entrepreneur Society, is a local San Diego non-profit that is bringing the spirit of entrepreneurship to teens in high schools throughout the county.

Lead by the leadership of Stegela Success Mastery, YES! is fighting the rampant Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide of todays teens by showing them another way to succeed in life.

Providing entrepreneurial mentorship, goal setting, leadership, and personal development, YES! sparks hope in teens to have new vision and purpose for their life.