Success Talks 70: Thomas Girard

In this episode listen to Stephen Dela Cruz interview Thomas Girard! Not only is Thomas an amazing relator but see what else Thomas has in store! Learn more about Thomas Girard by contacting him at:

Call or text at (619)-372-1636

Facebook: Thomas A. Girard

Instagram: GGrealtor

Find him at every Stegela Monthly Mixers in San Diego!

Success Talks 69: Stephen interveiws Cornelius Simon

From small-town city boy to world traveler to corporate success story, Cornelius has overcome the odds of being “average.” Two weeks after high school, he joined the U.S. Navy, where he spent four years working in the field of communication and technology. His experience with the Navy help shaped his ability to learn quickly, adapt to any environment and be a self-starter who is driven and ambitious. After completing his military service, Cornelius began his civilian career as a software engineer. It wasn’t long before he excelled in the corporate arena. His rise as a successful IT professional exposed him to many facets of corporate America, different corporate cultures and the dynamics of being a team player and leader. Though his success as IT professional helped him develop his business acumen and grow into a sought-after technologist and leader, Cornelius was still unfulfilled, leading him to seek his life’s purpose. It wasn’t until his personal journey into the meaning of life that Cornelius found substance and purpose of his existence. His own personal development and self-awareness was an amazing journey; a journey that soon became his life’s passion: to help others realize their full potential, achieve their highest self and succeed in life. Cornelius’ passion for empowering others to pursue their dreams, follow their passion and live life without limits is seen in every speaking engagement, training seminar and coaching session he engages in.

Success Talks 68 : Stephen Interviews Nathan & Lacey Byrd

In this episode, Stephen Dela Cruz interviews Nathan and Lacey Byrd, a power couple in the San Diego health and fitness field. 

Nathan and Lacey are both fitness coaches, but both focus on different fields. Lacey focuses on helping women transform, and step into their confidence and power. While Nathan focuses on the mindset, and focus it takes in both your health and your business. 

This power couple wants you to know that everyone is at a different level in fitness and in life and everybody no matter where they are should just strive to be better than they were yesterday!

Find Nathan and Lacey at 


Nathan Byrd

Lacey Byrd

Health and Wealth Network 


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ST67: Stephen’s Confessional

In this episode listen to Stephen talk about his challenges with podcasting and what he is doing to get over them. This applies to challenges all around life, and shows how not understanding something can impact your success.

ST66 Nicholas Bayerle

Stephen interviews Nicholas Bayerle about his newest event, how he has changes and where his business is going!

ST65: Stephen Interviews David Lowe

Welcome to Success Talks hosted by Stephen Dela Cruz. Today Stephen interviews David Lowe the creator of Qwerky Co-living a tech startup connecting likeminded individuals, to be able to live and work together. Originally the idea came from a pilothouse serving eight entrepreneurs but soon they realized that they could serve so many more people!


            David was born in England but ventures over the pond at the age of thirty-two to Austin Texas, where he started a company called Uber Pong, a ping pong based company. Within a year Uber Pong was making custom paddles for different distributers, and within two years started to host a celebrity Ping-Pong tournament.


                        The hardest part of starting this new business for David was having to start from square one after moving. Not only that the process of being able to live and work in the U.S. took around a year for him. Starting over has made starting new businesses hard for David, because you really have to start from scratch while creating your network.


            While David does plan to stay in San Diego for a while, him and his partner are already thinking about being successful and helping others, especially focusing in Tijuana. Visualizing that Qwerky is already a success allows David to build backwards instead of building from the ground up. This visualization helps him and his partner think of their destination not just the problems at hand.


            What sets Qwerky apart is David’s plan to really build a co-living community by focusing on bringing together likeminded people.


David’s best advice for those looking to move to San Diego as an entrepreneur is,

  1. Immerse yourself in the culture
  2. Never stop learning
  3. Get out and see San Diego

Get in touch with David at

Instagram @Englishdave

Twitter @davidjLowe

Linkedin David J Lowe


David Lowe Bio:

David Lowe is a British/American entrepreneur who is passionate about building brands that help people connect and grow as human beings.

David had big success with his 1st startup Uberpong partnering with major clients like the LA Dodgers, Nike and Red Bull before successfully leading the company to an exit.

David moved from Austin to San Diego to launch his next venture, Qwerky – a community for like minded people. Qwerky allows entrepreneurs to live with purpose.
Learn more about Qwerky: http:/